Wish You Were Here

I’m in Innsbruck, Austria for TBU and as is true with almost everywhere I travel … I wish you were here. I mean really, I wish everyone I know and love could be here to share the beauty with me.

From the colorful houses on the water, to the quiet and peaceful streets of the old town at night, to the splendor of the art in the Hofbruck to the ethereal light in the cathedrals; this is a postcard-perfect place I’d prefer to share with every person that I care about most. Instead, I share it with a few of those I’ve come to know and love in the travel world and a few good friends I am getting to know.

I pray you will be be able to experience it soon yourself. Innsbruck really is a beautiful little slice of Austria that must be experienced to be understood. I’ve been here for three days, I’m here for three more and I am only just understanding now how much there is to love …

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