Home for the Holidays

I’m “Home for the Holidays” this year (currently – that’s in Charlotte, NC) and a I’m little envious of those traveling to exotic places to celebrate Christmas and the turn of the New Year. But in truth, I’d be sad to miss decorating Christmas cookies and trimming the tree. The holidays are the one time of year I don’t find myself consumed every moment with wanderlust. Since I’m helping to nanny a two year old boy here in Charlotte, it’s been especially eye opening as I see the holidays with a whole new eye. Children have such a sweetness and innocence that of course I have let slip a bit from my harried, adult existence. It’s nice to watch a child marvel at a Christmas tree. It’s heartwarming to see him “mess up” decorating sugar cookies because he has no concept of the way they “should” look. Yes, I am happy to be home for the holidays! It’s a good reminder (that it turns out I needed) of what’s important in life, and what this time of year is really about!

So Merry Christmas from Charlotte, North Carolina! Or…Feliz Navidad! Or…Joyeux Noël! I hope wherever the holidays find you it is indeed, very happy!

  • December 25, 2010

    Christmas I NEVER have wanderlust, but the day after it sets in BIG time!!! These pics are precious. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow gorgeous. Meeting you was such a great present this year. 😉
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