Hello et Bonjour! I get a lot of email that asks what my favorite gear is, what I would recommend for bloggers just starting out and all kinds of questions that very sadly, I can’t always answer individually anymore. So this page and my FAQ now act as a place that I can provide you the answers to those questions. If there’s anything you don’t see covered between these two pages, please message me via the contact page. Merci beaucoup!

This is where I buy all of my camera gear. I like that they’re located in Brooklyn and have a physical store that I can visit for pick ups if I don’t want to have something shipped, which I prefer.
GoPro Hero4
As soon as I discovered the GoPro, I wondered where it had been for all my years as a photographer! I now don’t do any trip that includes water activities of any kind without a GoPro on hand.
Samsung NX1
I used to be sponsored by Samsung and this is my favorite camera made during that period. The two lenses I always have with me are their 16 to 50 mm f/2.0 lens and the 50-150mm f/2.8 lens.
Vanguard Veo Tripod
I can’t do a trip, whether domestic or international, without this tripod. It packs up small enough to carry-on but is strong enough to support a weighty camera and lens such as my NX1 and the 16-50.
Vanguard Alta Tripod
For heavier photography jobs closer to home, I rely on the Alta Series 10 tripod. It’s too heavy to carry far but it is great for shooting close to home when wind and other factors necessitate a very sturdy tripod.
Moment Lens
I use the Wide Angle lens and its accompanying case to enable my iPhone to capture larger subject matter more easily. I’ve used other iPhone lens attachments and nothing compares to the image quality.
iPhone 6S +
I always upgrade with every new iPhone that comes out. The latest model finally comes close to replacing my camera. I also always buy mine unlocked, so that I can get local SIM cards when traveling abroad.
MacBook Pro Retina
If I didn’t travel so much, I’d own the 15” for added real estate while editing photos. However, the 13” at max capacity packs more than enough power for everything I need, including video editing.
iPad Mini
I own this primarily for replying to emails while traveling and reading. I’m such a bookworm that in the days before e-readers I would literally have one carry-on full of books and one that was just for camera equipment.
LaCie Rugged Drive
For years, I used other hard drives only to have them fail on me every 16 to 18 months. I now rely solely on LaCie, whose hard drives seem to withstand my rugged travel schedule and abuse without fail.
Though my MacBook has plenty of power, it ran out of space quickly due to my work. My TarDisk saved my life by easily expanding my space without needing to always have on hand an external drive.
DJI Phantom 3 Drone
My partner Dante and I entered the world of drone photography and video in 2016 and this is the drone he now owns. Personally, I’m already addicted to the way it has expanded our creative horizons.
Hotel Tonight App
I love using this for booking last minute hotels and until I had the app, I didn’t realize how often I actually do this when traveling! It has changed my travel life. Use code “kalana” for a $25 credit.
Checked Roller Bag
I use the Rimowa Salsa Air. It’s light as a feather but tough as steel and the four roller wheels work so well I barely have to just touch it to move on its own. It’s a flawless piece of luggage worth every penny.
Carry-On Roller Bag
When I want to pack light, I use the Tumi Voyageur Super Léger which not only looks great but can also be surprisingly roomy owing to its soft extending sides. It really makes traveling light a total breeze.
SkyRoam Hotspot
Staying connected while traveling is so important to the job I do. Owning this device and refilling it as needed is the easiest and most cost-effective option for me. Using my link gets you a discount on your purchase.
Travel Blog Success
This community didn’t exist when I was a new blogger and by the time it did, I thought I had it all figured out! Ha! Please don’t make my mistake. If you’re looking to have a great blog, it’s so worthwhile.
This is one of the few things I literally couldn’t operate my business without. It syncs all of my paperwork and photos across all my devices and my laptop, and allows me to acces them from anywhere.
Ever since I discovered this London-based company I have been unable to use anyone else to print my business cards. I love them to no end in the world! Using my link gives you a 10% discount.
Further Bound Design
These guys made all my dreams come true turning my two amateur sites into one professional and beautiful site that reflects the real me and the work I do best. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Marie-Lou & D
This is my go-to salon in NYC. It’s French and so luxe, without the absurd price tag and proves taking a little extra time is so worth it. Mention my name or code BA2-KA for a discount plus VIP treatment!
Handy App
This enabled us to have a clean apartment despite working 80+ hours a week. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and never had a problem. Use code KIRSTEN0810 to get $25 off your first booking.
EatWith App
Both for visitors and new-to-the-city locals this is my top recommendation as a way to get to know people and understand this magical city from the perspective of its neighborhoods and its culture.
Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly and I go back to my childhood and I still wear it because it simply isn’t possible to be wearing a fun Lilly print and be unhappy. It elevates my mood the second I slip into any of their clothes.
I absolutely HATED wearing blue jeans until I discovered this amazing NYC-based company. Now, I feel confident and sexy when I wear their jeans and I’ve pretty much stopped buying jeans from any other company.
Poppy Barley
Bespoke shoes? Yes, please! The small team behind this amazing brand are committed to ethical fashion and manufacturing and that just makes their beautiful products even more enjoyable to buy.
Ralph Lauren
From Denim & Supply to Purple Label, there isn’t a situation in my daily life or travel career that Ralph Lauren can’t dress me for. I even have pieces from Ralph that I’ve owned since I was in college!
White + Warren
My travel life changed forever when I discovered the “Travel Wrap” and now I own several pieces from this versatile brand. You’ll be surprised at how much use you get from every piece you buy.
Danté Vincent
Danté is my life partner and my creative partner. While he doesn’t post very frequently on his website, when he does, it’s not to be missed. Be sure to also visit his beautifully curated Instagram.
Susan is a fellow Francophile and a close friend with an impeccable eye for design. If you have little ones, her beautiful stories on traveling with her children, Henry et Marie, will be especially poignant.
Lost in Cheeseland
Lindsey is another fellow Francophile and a friend who married a French man and moved to Paris. She is a talented writer you may have read everywhere from the NYTimes to Conde Nast Traveler.
Ann Street Studio
Jamie and Kevin create beautiful visual art that I never fail to fall in love with. They are one of my favorite creative teams in the world. And it just so happens, they love France as much as I do.

These businesses have paid to be listed in this category but please note that I am VERY picky about who I will do business with. If I have listed a company here it is not just because they have paid for the privilege but also because I am confident in recommending them.

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